You work in healthcare. You get it. You've probably been stuck with a needle, and it probably involved a medication draw like this. Now you've got a health hazard, maybe a dropped or broken vial...oh, and also ouch?
Us too. And we got sick of the stick. So, we invented (and patented) the solution.

This is Needleguard. Stick your 1-50ml vial in the secure clamp, get sterile, draw medication, done.
Washable drip tray = no sticky or slick drips on the floor. Did we mention Needleguard® reduces procedure prep time by an average of 42%? No more waiting for an extra hand to show up. You'll wonder why nobody invented this sooner.

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Make your job easier - get Needleguard for your workplace. Your fingers (and your bosses' bottom line) will thank you.

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Stop the Stick! Get Needleguard!